Think Warm Thoughts


This morning, I walked into a classic December debate: Is it better to be cold or hot?

The argument for cold being better is solid: you can add layers until you’ve regulated your temperature, but you can only shed so many layers when you’re hot. It’s a silver bullet argument, so what leg does the hot argument have to stand on? One word: Fun.

The more you layer on when you’re cold, the less you can do. We eventually all look like Maggie Simpson in her star-shaped snowsuit, waddling until we fall forward and get stuck somewhere.

Warm? Yes. Fun? No.

We can’t garden, we can’t run through the fields with our friends, and water sports are right out. How can you do all of the above in the winter? With the right board games!

That’s what Fun in the Sun is all about. If, baby, it’s cold outside, you’ll have three games to remind you of warmer times. We’re teaming with one of the biggest board game publishers for the first time, and bringing you a game from one of the best designers in the industry. We also have a game from an independent publisher that we were considering when we first saw it at GenCon only for a larger company to buy the publishing rights to the game. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to get the game after all, but we were able to work out a deal with the new publisher to get this hot game.

Speaking of hot, all of this hot vs cold talk reminds me of the immortal words of Dusty, the desert trooper from the GI Joe animated series. When he and another Joe (I want to say Recondo) were sitting in a sand dune, the sweaty other Joe asked Dusty how he can stand this heat. Dusty, lying comfortably in the sand, says “Just stay still and think cool thoughts.” It’s gotten me through many a hot summer, and flipping the advice has gotten me through cold days better than a star-shaped snowsuit.

Thanks, Dusty

This winter, sit still and think warm thoughts with three great Fun in the Sun games from Board Game Bento! Sign-up by December 28th at 11:59pm to warm the coldest months of early 2018.

Now you know,