Frequently Asked Questions

1I just signed up and haven’t received a box yet. How come?
Most likely, this is because you signed up after the deadline. The 28th of the month is the sign-up deadline for that month’s box. If you sign up after that, your first box becomes the next month’s box. We do this so that we know how many of each game to order and we don’t run out.
2How do I cancel my subscription?
Simply log into your account and you can manage all your subscriptions, credit cards and other information!
3How do I log in?
You should be able to log right in, but in the event that you receive a message about the site not recognizing your ID, just follow these steps:
• Go to and click Login, you’ll see it says: “Is this your first time logging in? If so, get yourself setup here! Remember to use the email address you used when subscribing!”
• Click the link in either of those messages and then activate your account. You should get an e-mail right away with a link that will let you activate.
4Can I choose the games I get?
Nope! That’s our job! Like all blind-box services, half the fun is not knowing what you’re going to get each month! We do follow a monthly theme though, so you’re not completely in the dark!
5Is the subscription auto-renewed?
Yes! No matter the type of subscription you have (Monthly, 6-Month, etc) it will renew at the end of that period on the 18th of the month. We renew everyone on the same day to make sure everyone is good to go for that month’s Bento.
6When are boxes shipped out?
Board Game Bento boxes are shipped within the first 7-10 business days of the month. When your box is prepped and ready to go, you should receive an e-mail with all the tracking information you need!
7When do I need to worry about not getting them?
Not until the 28th of the following month. With your tracking number, you should be able to follow along and see where your Bento Box is. If there is an issue, please contact USPS to make sure they know you are aware that there’s an issue. Then give us a shout and we’ll work it from our end as well to make sure you get your Bento as fast as possible!
8What if something is damaged?
If the games inside your Bento arrive damaged, please take a picture of the items in question and we will get replacements out to you ASAP.
9What if I get something I already have?
Unfortunately, that’s the risk of a Blind Box Service. We don’t know what you’ve already got, but we do try and find hidden gem titles that you may not have seen before.
10How are shipping prices determined?
all of our shipping prices are determined by USPS and Canada Post rates.
11I’m with _____. Who can I talk to about ______?
If there’s a question, comment or request that you don’t find the answer to here or in our Help Desk, please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]. We will get back to you as fast as we can!
12If I start a 6 month subscription today, am I billed monthly or all at once when I sign up?
As with Monthly subscriptions, Multi-Month subscriptions are paid up-front in one lump sum. Then, at the end of that subscription period, the subscription auto-renews for the same length of time!
13Is there a set number of Games in the box?
Board Game Bento boxes are filled with games. There are at least 3 in a box (or 2 and an expansion), but based on the theme or what’s happening that month, it could be more!
14What currency are Board Game Bento transactions done in?
All Board Game Bento transactions and charges are in US Dollars.
15Does Board Game Bento ship outside of Canada and the USA?
Unfortunately, due to shipping costs and time restraints, Board Game Bento can only ship subscriptions within Canada and the USA for the moment. We are working on an international solution though, so keep an eye out an hopefully we will have news soon!

Still have questions? Head on over to our Help centre!