Working It


We start thinking about what we want to be when we grow up from a young age, and our ideas are all so bold. Firefighter. Astronaut. Actor. We weren’t going to work in stores or restaurants, we were going to own them. It wasn’t about choosing the jobs we thought we were most qualified for or would provide stability and benefits. We looked at the jobs that looked fun, exciting, with bright uniforms and fancy equipment.

The first three results of a “When I Grow Up” image search. Note there are as many office workers are there are cowboys.

Even if our answers didn’t include words like manager or consultant since we didn’t even know those jobs existed (and some of them didn’t), there’s no reason to be ashamed that most of us ended up managing consultants or consultants to the managing consultants. It’s stable work for comfortable lives if you can get it, even if it’s not what our younger selves saw us doing. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with looking at more exciting careers with youthful enthusiasm.

Like most popular entertainment, there are more profession-themed board games than you might expect. Two of the most influential games -Monopoly and Life- are about real estate trading and, basically, just affording your carloads of blue and pink pegs.

In honour of all the hardworking pegs out there, this month’s theme is 9 to 5 and features three games with job simulation themes that will impress your inner child.  We’re including three games about real world jobs that we’re sure most of our subscribers at one time or another thought “What would it be like to do that for a living?”

Now you know,